About Us

Our mission is to provide your company with the best software solutions available.  Our motto is "Done right, once. On time and on budget".  We pride ourselves on our ability to find creative solutions to difficult problems.  We continue to learn the latest technologies to provide you with the best solution possible.

Ed WatsonHistory

Catching the computer bug during the early 80's in high school and cutting class to write code the school's mainframe Ed Watson always had a knock and great interest in computers. He started Mobius Works part time in 1996 while working in sales and learning how businesses operate. He quickly realized the growing presence of computers in small businesses.and left his other jobs behind to run his business full time in 2001.  For the next 15 years, Mobius Works operated as an IT support company, growing year after year.  With a small team of talented individuals, Mobius Works was able to provide a variety of services that most other IT providers aren't able to match.


Brian Johnson

In 2008, Brian Johnson joined Mobius Works, with previous software development, and manufacturing IT experience.  At the time, Mobius Works did some occasional development projects.  Brian led the development division, and helped it grow.  After several years, the development division generated more annual revenue than the still growing IT support division.  At the end of 2015, Mobius Works sold our IT support business to Waltham, MA based Integrated IT Solutions, so that we could focus wholly on providing our development customers the best service possible.